Les Usines Louise is an experimental space for collective invention: A studio and office down by the river of Ain in France, a 16 acres patch of land somewhere in the middle of Texas and this web space.
All of the above are under perpetual construction and creative commons [cc by].
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I am a sculptor []
I created the LUL project to give a shape to an intuition I call "tools to think with your hands" and shift my creative process towards sustainable frugal solutions.

These tools are yet to be invented, it will be done by means of sketches, poetic and technical periods. It's an open project. Anyone can get involved in the research. Thus I hope to instigate a co-creative process to develop an artform that would belong to those using and making it. Something like open source art...?
This site is a tiny start, I am looking forward for your contributions, thanks!

Isabelle Humbert-Radtke



Tools to think with your hands:
  The prototypes above are directly inspired from the Osborn's checklist.
Pictures of the install at the contemporary Art Center of Lacoux were taken by C. Hummel.


This site is a tiny start, I am looking forward for your feedback, proposals and participation thanks!
Please feel free to contact me:

Les Usines Louise
Place Bellecour
01160 Varambon
+33 (0)4 74 39 09 84

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